Introduction The Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 18, 2006 (EU-REGULATION) on the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization  of Chemicals (REACH) requires manufacturers and/or importers of chemicals and/or materials containing such chemicals to pre-register and register those at the European Chemicals Agency/Helsinki (ECHA) within the deadlines and according to a procedure prescribed in the EU-REGULATION. © Industry Consortium SAS FOR REACH  2012 News 2018-08-21/ Revision of LoA cost: The Consortium is currently still in the process of recalculating the LoA costs on the basis of the figures as of July 31st, 2018. Once this process is completed, the Consortium will inform all joint submission members directly and publish the relevant information for new registrants on its webpage However, it is important to note that due to the ongoing substance evaluation  and significant upcoming changes in the REACH regulation which will be coming into force in 2020, a final recalculation of the LoA price can only be prepared once the current substance evaluation process has been finalized and the impact of the new REACH provisions on the data to be provided in the joint registration has been fully assessed and the additional information required has been generated. According to the information currently available to the Consortium, this process will not be finalized before 2020 at the earliest. Therefore, it is likely that the final recalculation will only be available in 2021 or later. For further details, please refer to the news item dated 2017-10-10 below. Please also bear in mind that ECHA may also start another substance or dossier evaluation process at any time and that such new process may lead to additional costs which need to be shared under REACH. 2017-10-10 / Revision of LoA cost: Due to (i) the currently ongoing substance evaluation process with regard to SAS and the costs of complying with the additional information requirements resulting therefrom; (ii) the appeals filed against the final decision issued by ECHA as a result of such evaluation, (iii) the new implementation regulation and the new version of the guidance on data sharing ("Guidance") the Consortium is the process of reviewing the current cost sharing model applied in the calculation of the price for a letter of access for SAS (”LoA”). This includes a recalculation of the LoA prices. Such recalculation may result in a different price for the LoA (i.e, either higher or lower). Such a recalculation which needs to take into account a lot of different factors as provided in the Implementing Regulation and the Guidance (e.g., dossier updates and administrative costs incurred since 2009), is a rather complex exercise which cannot be completed at short notice. Because the Consortium need the total number of co- registrants the new LoA price calculation will be completed not before the REACH deadline May 2018. Any change of the LoA cost / reimbursement / additional payments will be communicated on the webpage and if necessary directly with the co-registrants. The LoA cost published in the SIEF Information Letter 4 are still valid until recalculation! 2017-07-05 / Substance Evaluation SAS: The Board of Appeal (BoA) has issued decisions on two appeals for substance evaluation decisions issued by ECHA on synthetic amorphous silica EC 231-545-4 (A-014-2015 and A-015- 2015), published on IMPORTANT: For communication with the joint submission members and the co-registrants, only the contact data from REACH -IT will be used, thus it is important that the email address of each joint submission member is valid.  It is in the responsibility of every joint submission member to update his contact data in  REACH-IT when necessary. The conclusion in the BoA decision are relevant for all registrants and thus it is the obligation of each registrants to contribute/to comply to/with any future activities to up-date the dossier. 2016-12-06 / Substance Evaluation SAS: The board of appeal closed the proceedings on the appeal 2016-10-12 / Dossier Evaluation NAS: The Board of Appeal (BoA) has issued decisions on appeals for four compliance check decisions issued by ECHA on silicic acid, aluminium sodium salt (NAS) EC 215-475-1 (A-008-2015, published on 2016-08-10 / Substance Evaluation SAS: In April, the interveners PISC (PETA International Science Consortium Ltd.) and ClientEarth/CIEL (Center for International Environmental Law) lodged their observation on the appeals. The appellants made their observations on the interveners’ observations in May 2016. The written procedure has been closed in August. The hearing date was proposed by ECHA for October 2016. 2016-06-16 / Dossier Evaluation NAS: Four companies appealed their respective final decision on dossier evaluation in March 2015. The executive director of ECHA partly rectified some decisions. In March 2016 the written proceedings were closed in all appeals and a joint oral hearing took place in Helsinki in June 2016. The Board of Appeal has 90 working days from the date of the hearing for issuing a decision (i.e., September/October 2016). 2015-11-05 / Evaluation SAS: The Board of Appeal decided to extend the deadline for lodging the observations on the Defence to 15 January 2016. 2015-10-28 / Evaluation SAS: The appellants asked the Board of Appeal for a time extension to submit observations on the Defence. 2015-10-19 / Evaluation SAS: The Board of Appeal informed the appellants about the Defence submitted by the Agency on 21 September 2015. The Board of appeal invited the appellants to provide comments on the Defence until 19 November 2015. 2015-06-10 / Evaluation SAS: On June 10, 2015, the Lead Registrant Evonik and 20 other companies have filed a joint appeal  against the substance evaluation decision on SAS with the Board of Appeal of ECHA.  2015-03-11 / Evaluation SAS: ECHA sent the final decision on the substance evaluation to the Lead Registrant and all co-registrants via REACH-IT. The Lead Registrant Evonik will inform the joint submission members directly via email about the next steps. 2014-11-27 / Evaluation SAS: ECHA invited a representative of the Lead Registrant of  synthetic amorphous Silicon dioxide and 2 experts  (toxicology, physico-chemistry) to the next Member State Committee meeting (MSC-39, 8-11 December).  After receiving the final decision the Consortium will inform the SIEF with a new SIEF INFORMATION LETTER. 2014-11-13 / Evaluation SAS: The Lead Registrant Evonik submitted the documents commenting ECHA´S and MSCA´s proposed amendments to the Draft Evaluation Decision to the agency within the given deadline. 2014-10-10 / Evaluation SAS: ECHA informed the registrants about the receipt of proposals for amendments to the final Draft Decision from member states and ECHA. 2014-10-09 / Evaluation SAS: MSC meeting with a representative of the Lead Registrant of  synthetic amorphous Silicon  dioxide and 2 experts  (toxicology, physico-chemistry).  2014-09-04 / Evaluation SAS: Evaluation SAS: Dutch eMSCA forwarded final Draft Decision to ECHA. 2014-08-27 / Evaluation SAS: Conference call between representatives of the Lead Registrant EVONIK Industries and the SASFORREACH Consortium & the Dutch eMSCA. 2014-05-12 / Evaluation SAS: Meeting between representatives of the Lead Registrant EVONIK Industries and the SASFORREACH Consortium & the Dutch eMSCA. 2013-12 -17 / Evaluation SAS: LR Evonik shared data with the Dutch eMSCA requested during the last meeting (Reuzel study, morbidity study, proposal of grouping grades, information on surface treated SAS). 2013-08-29 / Evaluation SAS: Meeting between representatives of the Lead Registrant EVONIK Industries and the SASFORREACH Consortium & the Dutch eMSCA. The draft decision of the CA and the comments from the LR were outlined and discussed. It was decided to further exchange information and to continue the communication process in an effort to revise the draft decision. 2013-05-06 / Evaluation SAS: LR Evonik sent comments on the draft decision (DD) to the Dutch evaluating Member State competent authority (eMSCA). 2013-04-29 / Evaluation SAS: The Lead Registrant Evonik discussed the DD and the comments during a conference call with interested co-registrants. 2013-04-13 / Evaluation SAS: The Dutch evaluating Member State competent authority eMSCA prepared the draft decision (DD) on SAS and informed the Lead Registrant Evonik and all co-registrants. Imprint